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kyle merkley

Professional summary

As Director of Music & Technology at Arpix Media (Toronto, ON) I have spent over a decade as part of a small team offering highly-specialized creative music services to many of Canada’s most successful television productions including Flashpoint (CTV), Murdoch Mysteries (CBC/City), Workin’ Moms (CBC), and Wynonna Earp (Syfy/Space).

As a cross-linking agent between multiple creative industries including music, television, film, video games, and digital technology, I have been afforded the opportunity to speak and moderate live panels and discussions for Canadian Music Week (CMW), Indie Week, Vancouver International Film Fest and other events across the country. These public speaking engagements span the craft of music supervision to exploring mindsets and philosophies around operating and growing a creative enterprise. 

In 2017, I created as a vehicle to document the Canadian cannabis industry with web and social content delivered as infotainment, as well as to act as a platform to support normalization of cannabis in one's human experience. 


Director of Music & Technology at Arpix Media (Aug 09-Present)

Music Supervision: Responsible for curating music selections, facilitating their presentation to producers/directors/key creatives, negotiating their use with rights owners (labels/publishers/artists), and handling the range of duties involved with the inclusion of music in a production such as administrative (licenses and paperwork), technical (editing and delivery), and overall musical direction (placement, mix)


Project Management: Management of multiple simultaneous projects involving music licensing budgets of ~$50-150K per project (on average), and generating and/or trafficking necessary business affairs paperwork (music licenses, composer agreements, cue sheets) across television series’ that have included some 70+ song seasons.

Music Editor: Personally rendered music editing services to 150+ episodes of Canadian television possessing proficient music editing skills in Pro Tools and adhering to the post-production delivery requirements required by studios such as Technicolor and Deluxe.


Technology: General business software/apps (Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs), website (Wordpress, Wix, FTP), productivity tools (Asana, Evernote), backup & cloud solutions (Dropbox, Box, Crashplan), MacOS (preferred), and a basic understanding of language across general business technologies and content production. 

Collaboration: Responsible for satisfying multiple creative voices (director/producer/broadcaster/etc) under one unifying creative idea and managing/delegating within our team to create, refine and deliver it.

Composer Management: Manage a boutique roster of some of Canada’s most-recognized film and television composers including Robert Carli and Peter Chapman.

Nominated for a Golden Reel Award for 'Best Sound Editing’ on Flashpoint.

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